Index of UK Animal Sanctuaries and Rescue Centres

Telephone/ Fax
08456 444590 OR 07775 746416
Hi, I'm BarnOwlBill a wildlife nut who looks after Owls & birds of prey. Together with volunteers I rescue birds and provide a sanctuary for those we are unable to return to the wild
Birdiemama's Sanctuary
07914 215720
I keep all unwanted cage birds alongside my own pets - they consist of many varities from a cockatiel size to a parrot. I fund everything from outdoor and indoor housing to lighting heating food "Vet Bills" toys and hard labour along with LOVE & ATTENTION all comes out of my own pocket that has many holes in it! I am always happy to receive a donation to carry on my love of birds care home; especially if you bring me your bird who will need a Vet checkover in the first instance and then care for the rest of it's time with me and maybe further Vet treatment.
National Centre for Ornithology
The Nunnery
IP24 2PU
Tel: 01842-750050 Fax: 01842-750030
07801 186174
Rabbits, guinea pigs and rats
01563 525814
We are a branch of the Cat Action Trust 1977 charity, operating in the Ayrshire and district area since 1992. Since we began, we have helped over 10000 cats and prevented the birth of hundreds of thousands through our neutering activities. All of the cats and kittens in our care are fully inoculated prior to being homed and those old enough to have the operation are also neutered or spayed. Potential homes are vetted before homing takes place.
I run a small guinea pig sanctuary in Cheylesmore, Coventry, I take in unwanted piggies, and rehome them, We also take donations of cages, food etc.
Chicken Rescue
The Limes Farm
Hinckley Road
Chickens rescued from battery farms etc. Urgently in need of funds
Cornish Animal Rehoming Enterprise (CARE Rescue)
44, Prislow Fields
TR11 4LW
077 888 25 141
We try to match homes to unwanted animals. We can offer advicer on all types of behaviour for a huge variety of species including dogs, cats, birds, equines, turtles, cavies and rodents. In some instances we can help with hand-rearing animals, assisting with feral cats. We are based in Truro, Cornwall but can assist nationally and internationally in the cases of advice etc. This is a non-charity and is funded entirely by my own person.
01451 821106
Caring for sick and injured WILD OWLS. Please note: We do not re-home captive bred birds.
crow and corvid rescue
noahs ark
west midlands
we rescue rehome and release injured and orphaned crows and corvid family.
LL18 5TG
0786 696 1923
Denbighshire avian rescue D.A.R.C Was set up in mid 2009 and takes in all cages birds and we do our best to re-home all suitable birds we are a non-profit making organisation
Fallhead Falconry
01226 790508
Experienced falconer offering homes to injured and unwanted birds of prey including owls
Farm Eggs Farm Chicken Sanctury
Farm Eggs Farm
Kane Hythe Road
East Sussex
01424 775038
I have taken in excess of two thousand ex battery hens in over the time I have been here and offer a home to unwanted poultry both hens and cockerels. No animals are re homed or destroyed, all animals live their lives out here. This is not a registered charity it is self funded by myself. Due to the rising number of cockerels taken in and the need to seperate them in runs I do request a donation in respect of any cockerels taken in. If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact me on the abovbe telephone number
Fletchers Country Garden Centre
Stone Road
Tel: 01785-850379 Emergencies only Tel: 0374-103258
Bird Of Prey Sanctuary & hospital Seriously under-funded and over-stretched, but always put the well being of the animals above their own. Thanks to Mr. & Mrs. Heaps for info
we are a small fetter rescue trying to help fuzzes of all ages
Marlborough House
Augustus gardens
01276 681668
We are Harper Asprey Wildlife Rescue. Harper Asprey Wildlife Rescue treats and cares for sick wildlife and rehabilitates to release back into the wild. We have accommodation for various wildlife but specializes in Hedgehogs, Otters, Badgers and Foxes. We are based in Camberley in Surrey . we cover much of Hampshire and Berkshire regularly. We conduct talks in school and children group to aid in Wildlife education for the young.
Hull and Humberside
hu7 4bg
01482 838096
We are A small concern who will RESCUE any Bird of Prey in our area and return it to the wild when it can or find it a home when it can't. We will Not Kill them
07901 540982
rescue and rehabilitation for wild and captive bred owls.
07901934752 / 07790739030
Rescue centre specialising in the care of corvids including Rooks,Crows,Ravens,Magpies,Jays and Choughs
RESCUE-REHABILITATE-REHOME. We take in any unwanted, unloved or neglected horses, ponies and donkies. We do our best to rehabilitate and rehome them to the best home possible. If for whatever reason we cannot rehome them they live out their days with our other perminent residents.
0871 234 4838
Our non-profit organisation based in Ipswich Suffolk is dedicated to Macaws & Parrots and their owners. We are one of the leading parrot & macaw rescue services in England & Wales Macaw & Parrot Rescue plan to rescue unwanted Macaws & Parrots from homes across England and Wales, we offer a free collection service, We aim to re-home these beautiful birds as soon possible into Macaw loving homes, we have an extensive waiting list of future owners who have to go through a strict vetting procedure including home checks and veterinary references making sure that the new owners have the knowledge and resources to look after a macaw or parrot
PO Box 193

BN24 9FF
Rescue center for all seabirds, especially gulls. Rescue ,rehabilitation and release programme.
North Cornwall Bird rescue
North Cornwall
Bird rescue in North Cornwall. we rescue anything from budgies up to large parrots. we are a small rescue (non- charity) and self funded. we try to find homes for the birds that come to us but in some cases they remain with us for life. Such as rafiki and cream a very funny pair rafiki being a kakariki and cream being a budgie that have paired up and become friends for life. meaning they can't be rehomed as although cream is a very nice little bird rafiki has issues. any birds that come to us are well cared for although as a small self run (non-charity) we are limited in what we can take currently have lots of space though so please do not hesitate to ring. thanks Joss.
07732 284694
We take on all small furries, including rodents/rabbits and Hedgehogs. Also Wild Hedgehogs.
43 Sandhurst Road

RG45 7HY
Rescue Centre for all wild birds. (non-charity) We return them to the wild whenever possible, giving or finding them a home when we can't.
1 Pavilion Square
YO11 2JN
01723 351773
Island of Kerrera Argyll Scotland
PA34 5RU
01631 570666
We are a small Scottish bird sanctuary. We offer free advice for those in need. We specialise in Parrots of all kinds. for more information, check out our website. or call 07810295100 for out of office hours help line
7 Vauxhall Street
All types of Poultry, Waterfowl and small mammals
St Francis Animal Welfare
Sunnyside Cottage
Mortimers Lane
Fair Oak

SO50 7EA
02380 693282
Mr Sueltan Day
We care for and rehome numerous animals including dogs, cats, rabbits, chickens, birds and small mammals who are in need of loving forever homes. Please see our new website for more details.
Rescuing,Treating,Rehabilitating and returning Crows and other Corvids to the wild whenever possible.
01273 236418
Sussex German Shepherd Rescue was formed in 2007 by Chris and Ron since then they have recruited Pamela from Northamptonshire and several foster home across the UK and IRELAND working together with the foster homes they are able to home dogs across many parts of the country. Since the rescue was founded Chris, Ron and there Sussex Team have re-homed over 400 dogs. All the good work that has taken place over this time has been done by volunteers and we are very grateful to them with out them we would not be able to carry on please help us carry on and join our forum and community whether you could help doing home checks, fostering, transport, homing a dog, donating or just even some general advice or just a chat everyone is welcome
Cuckoo Weir Island
South Meadow Lane
Tel: 01753-859397 Fax: 01753-622709
Rescue and treatment centre for sick and injured swans
20 High Cross Drive
NP10 9AB
01633 895241
Swans & water birds including herons in South Wales, Herefordshire, Gloucestershire, Bristol, Somerset.
The Bird Trust UK
1 High Street
carters Green
West Bromwich
West Midlands

B70 9QP
Established in 2001 we house birds from robbins to parrots, we import our own wild foods like bananasand wild fruits for parrots, others can keep birds in cages but we house our birds in massive aviaries with trees growing within them. please contact us if you need your bird(s) to go to the best home they will have outside of the wild. we are not a charity and we dont charge you fees we pay everything out of love for these birds.
The Quality of life animal sanctuary devon
The Quality Of Life Animal Sanctuary is a registered charity in Jersey CI and now has headquarters based in Holsworthy, Devon. We are a charity that helps any animals in need and is run by a small band of volunteers. The charity's aims are to rescue and provide a forever home for abused, elderly and unwanted animals from mice to horses and has at present over 400 rescued animals in their care. As well as domestic animals, QOLAS helps with the rescue, rehabilitation and release of wildlife.
The Shetland Pony Welfare Trust Registered Charity 1093364 For the Rescue and Rehabilitation of Shetland Ponies and their sometimes much larger companions.
01455 842305/ 07708 278806
For over 20 years we have been finding loving homes for cage birds and small animals that can no longer be cared for.
Crooked Withies
BH21 7LB
Tel/ Fax: 01202-828166
c/o Foxgrove Vet Centre, 8 Foxgrove Road, Beckenham, Kent
Mainly specialise in birds, but have facilities to take in any wildlife
Tinkers Hill Farm
Nr Narberth
SA67 8LY
01834 814397
We are the only rescue centre in west and mid wales taking in and looking after swans and birds of prey in the Counties of Pembrokeshire, Carmarthenshire and Ceredigion and releasing them after care back into the wild. We are recognised by both the RSPCA and the RSPB and Maria Evans has been awarded on several occasions a number of awards acknowledging the work that she has done over the past 20 years. Recently she has had to take some 23 Swans into our Centre that have been CHIP OILED from a lake in The Swansea Enterprise Park, these Swans having been contaminated by a Company that had a ruptured pipe releasing chip oil in the lakes. This cleaning operation takes time and money to feed the Swans whilst they are in care and ensure that they are fully cleaned from the chip oil before they are able to be released back into the lakes after The environment Agency have told us that the lakes are totally cleaned Currently my wife Maria is still washing the Swans and will be finished in the next week but we at the centre are still awaiting advice to say that the lakes are clear of the oil Ends
Tinkers hill Bird of Prey and Swan Rescue Centre
01834 814397
The Rescue Centre takes in and cares for Swans and Birds of Prey that have become injured for variety of reasons and these birds are cared for and then hopefully released back into the environment. Should this not be possible then as decision is made for them to be held at he Centre for good The Rescue is in the current position of finalising a Trust status. During t he time that the Centre has been running, approximately 22 years, it has been totally funded by Maria and her husband David
Tinkers Hill Swan and Bird of Prey Rescue Centre
01834 814397
Maria Evans
web site under construction
Dedicated to the conservation and protection of tortoises. Rehoming, hibernation advice, list of UK breeders, care sheets for Hermanns, Spur Thigh & many other species of tortoise & much, much more.
The centre is run purely by volunteers with all donations being used to feed the birds and pay for veterinary treatment. Donations are always gratefully received as we are now trying to refurbish all the aviaries for all our rescue birds that we were unable to return to the wild. Please send any donations c/o Unit 10a, Tardy Gate Mill, Coote Lane, Lostock Hall Preston, PR5 5JD
Over 25 years experience with Birds of Prey We will gladly help with any injured, or unwanted Birds of Prey. We also run a Sponsorship scheme for our family of birds. All details for our centre on our website. We are a Not for Profit Organisation
07518 354408
We are dedicated to the Rescue, Rehabilitation and Release of hedgehogs. We cover the Bromsgrove and surrounding areas in Worcestershire. Emergencies 24/7 General Enquiries 8am - 9pm
07766 685102
Our haven is run from our home which means we are available most of the time. We are happy to take in any wild bird or raptor but we are unable to collect.
Hazelrigg Lane,
Here at Wolfwood, we are devoted to the rescue of orphaned, injured and displaced wildlife, we give them sanctuary, nurture them back to health and hope that eventually they can be released. We are a very small but dedicated rescue. Charity status pending.