Index of UK Animal Sanctuaries and Rescue Centres

RSPCA: National Cruelty Helpline: 0300 1234 999

Please Excuse the lack of administration of this site over the last few years. We are trying to catch up with the requests for additions and to re-validate those centres already listed.

Anyone who has a new sanctuary to add to the site please enter the details via the Add New page. This makes the administration of the site that little bit easier. Entering a new sanctuary automatically generates an email to inform us of the new addition and, once vetted, can be sent to the live list.

Once you have found the Centre or Sanctuary you've been searching for please don't just use them and forget them. All the sanctuaries on this site (as well as the dozens of others we don't yet know of) are always short of funds/ a helping hand. The smallest amount of help can sometimes mean the difference between their survival and closure.

If you make a donation and you are a UK tax payer and the centre is a registered charity then gift aid your donation. It doesn't cost you anything but puts a few more coppers in the centre's funds.